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QUESTION: Where are you from?

MC: I’m a native Long Islander, born and raised. I consider myself very lucky to have the best of both worlds here — a quick car or train ride to NYC or one to the east end beaches of Long Island.

Even though I love Long Island. I adore traveling all over the United States, especially to find Real Deals

Real Deal Addict

QUESTION: What’s your background?

MC: I have a background in business, education and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics. I am truly passionate about teaching mathematics at our local community college.

But my secret passion is finding Real Deals. That’s why I created the Real Deal Addict Brand Name Outlet.

QUESTION:¬† So what’s up with your obsession with Real Deals?

MC: To be honest, I’m a math nerd and finding great deals started off as a hobby. It was a rush saving money on quality brand names.

Then a few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with LYME DISEASE. This horrible disease nearly killed her, forcing her to leave the job she loved, teaching. Every day is a battle in her war against this disease.

Her medical care took all of her resources. My mother is proud and refused any financial help. The only thing I could do is take my hobby to the next level to help pick up the slack. So my hobby finding Real Deals became my mission. And now, a way of life.

Real Deal Addict


QUESTION:  So how do you find these Real Deals?

MC: ¬†Answering that is going to take a lot longer than this interview. LOL. But seriously, it does take a lot of hard work and practice. But it’s worth the effort. It does gets easier with simple techniques and practice. I’m excited about sharing my tips and finds with my readers.



Real Deal Addict

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