Crapulence Alcoholic Woman Story

Crapulence is the noun form of the word Crapulent.

Crapulent is an adjective, meaning:

  • Sickness or indisposition caused by excessive eating or drinking
  • Gross intemperance, especially in drinking; debauchery.
  • Excessive indulgence; intemperance.

Day One

My name is Susan DeAngelis.

I promise that will be the only lie I will tell you.

Day One

What’s in a name?

My name is Susan DeAngelis.

I promise that will be the only lie I will tell you.

My name is Susan, and my last name does begin with the letter ‘D’, but it’s not DeAngelis. Sadly, even in these inclusive and acceptant times, I find my issues can evoke judgment by some and pity by others. Although I have no problem facing that judgement and brushing off that pity, I rather focus my energy on my intent, which is to help others.

Why DeAngelis? I ‘googled’ the last name, and it seemed somewhat safe – a doctor, politician, a baseball player from the 60s – so that was reassuring. But where did I come up with it? I tried a few names on for size. Smith? Too common. Brown? Too boring. Selfish-self-deprecating-masochist? Too obvious. I thought about the internal struggle that has brewed insie me throughout my life – ‘devil’ and ‘angel’ came to mind.

So why am I doing this?

After meeting me, you would think I’m a very open person – always putting myself out there via a joke or some physical comedy. A private person who limits those I let into my inner circle, it isn’t often that I share stories about my life. Yet, the other day, I did – with someone was not part of my circle of loved ones and friends. I shared embarrassing, painful, confusing moments in my past, but why? For some self serving therapeutic reason? No, at least I don’t think that was the reason.

There were things I had been through that I knew would speak to this person. Without thinking, I shared a part of me – because I wanted to help. At that moment, my privacy wasn’t very important.

After I shared, this individual opened up to me. Our worlds, which I had thought were mutually exclusive, had merged. When we finished our conversation, they thanked me. It was that moment, when I made a conscious decision to write about my experiences.

I’m not famous. I’m certainly no hero. But I’m an Alcoholic; I’m a Woman and this is my Story.

I’m not a professional writer. This blog will help me write my book. It will be a place where I can organize my thoughts during my journey.




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